Tailored and Strategic Bespoke Marketing

Working with our in-house creative and marketing department, we will design and create your own development identity and professionally designed and written brochure, as well as a marketing strategy – all completely free of charge.

Our site Marketing Boards will be designed to stand out and to create a sense of arrival and summary of the development.

Computer Generated Images, Virtual Walkthroughs, and Artist’s Impression will produce a realistic impression of a new development to encourage sales off plan.

These are used within the brochure and for all advertising material until we can replace with photographs of the finished product.

A home within a forest - Hardisty and Co

Creative & Engaging Innovative Marketing

We reach the right buyers for you through targeted campaigns that put your new development firmly in the limelight.

The backbone of our digital advertising drive, email marketing is an integral part of showcasing new property developments in our portfolio. That’s why we ensure our property alerts and our newsletters are a cut above the rest to reach a premium audience.

Our thorough, contemporary, and unique approach reflects the stylish and quality finish of any new development. We make sure that new homes are always capturing attention, turning those online clicks, likes, and shares into enquiries, giving your new development the extra marketing push it deserves.

A new development home - Hardisty and Co

Build The Dream - Our Expertise in Land & Development


We’re perfectly placed to provide this, but we go beyond tracking down land. We’ll explore its potential and critically assess the building plots that match your goals – however broad or focused your property development plans may be.


We understand how complicated and time-consuming property development can be, especially when building on a larger scale.

This is why we have our land experts, to work with you to find creative solutions to issues that have appeared and may appear later down the line during the build. We will put your project through our comprehensive marketing regime encouraging a speedy sale, as well as a quick return on your investment.

New Build Property in Horsforth and Surrounding Areas

When discussing new build homes in Horsforth, we provide latest industry information, advice, and guidance to developers, housing associations, house builders, registered social landlords, receivers, and banks. 

Our experienced and dedicated team offers useful, up-to-date advice with support of comprehensive, local market information and an unmatched marketing strategy throughout our branches, making us one of biggest independent providers of property services in the Horsforth area.


  • A bank of knowledge in dealing with new build homes in Horsforth, Leeds, and the surrounding areas
  • Guidance on scheme optimisation and how to maximise yields in any given location
  • Viability assessment of projects prior to acquisition
  • Purchaser profiling
  • Comparable evidence and competitor analysis
  • Detailed appraisals covering local demand for the product on offer and local demographics

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