27th Jan 2023
Andrew Hardisty

Whether you’re at the start of your journey and only just considering putting your property on the market, or if you’re dead set on moving as soon as possible. There’s one thing that always stays the same. The first step you have to take is to book a market appraisal.


A market appraisal is when you invite an Estate Agent into your home, give them the grand tour and then they tell you exactly what you should list your house on the open market for.


What is the agent looking for?


During the course of your appointment, your agent will pay close attention to the size of each room, the condition of your property, and any repairs or updates that are due, and even what further improvements a buyer might look to make (like an extension or loft conversion).


What can be changed to improve a valuation?


Much like a buyer, agents are open to interpretation. Which means if you make a room look bigger and in better condition, then it’s likely to impact the value the agent perceives.


Top Tip: Reduce clutter, put away children’s or dog toys and open curtains as wide as possible letting natural light in.


Why is a Market Appraisal necessary?


Deciding the right amount to list your property for is crucial, if you get this wrong then you won’t be able to take advantage of the most important window of time in your entire sales process. The ‘golden’ period of two weeks from the initial listing is when you have the most buyers interested in your property. An incorrect value would be enough to turn a lot of these away, and when you reduce this figure to the correct amount, it could send the wrong message to your potential buyers.


Book your valuation appointment today


We know many of you have property questions you’d like answered – and we’re encouraging you to “Ask away…”      


Whatever you’d like to know – perhaps it’s one quick query, perhaps you have a list of questions – get in touch. Call, email or message us on our social media channels and we’ll provide advice, reassurance and expert guidance.    


P.S. We can answer questions such as:    


·     Ask us what are the quickest ways to increase your property’s value     

·     Ask us what are the local plans that may affect local properties

·     Ask us how we can maximise what your property could sell for   

·     Ask us what it takes to get your property market ready



All done in 3 easy steps:


1)    Contact our team
We’ll meet to discuss marketing and pricing
We’ll take professional photographs and a virtual tour of your home

2)    Your property goes live
We set your property listing live on all major marketing portals alongside our website
Marketing continues and viewings take place

3)    Final offer accepted
Your property is sold!



Here’s how to get started    


Any property questions you have – simply ask away!     

Let’s discuss your options to get you moving in the right direction


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