23rd Dec 2022

As spring is traditionally seen as the best time for buying and selling a home, putting your house on the market in late December or early January will place you ahead of the competition.

There are several actions you can take to boost your chances of selling quickly and beating the springtime rush. Read on for our top tips on getting your home ready to appeal to potential buyers…


Boost your kerb appeal

It may sound obvious, but the best thing you can do to boost your chances of selling quickly is to make sure your home looks its best inside and out. Research shows that 93% of people viewing a property will judge it based purely on ‘kerb appeal’[1] – how it looks from the street. Features that will make a good impression on potential buyers include:

·        A freshly painted front door with polished knocker and letterbox

·        A tidy, well-kept front garden

·        Jet-washed walls and pathways

·        Clean windows

·        Fences that are in good condition

·        A well-maintained roof with no missing tiles


The three R’s

Before you open your house up for viewings, make sure the interiors are looking as good as they can. This means:

Redecorate. A fresh coat of paint to any areas that are visibly in need of a refresh can do wonders. Pay particular attention to the kitchen – a new kitchen can add thousands of pounds to the value of your home, but you don’t necessarily need to go that far as a kitchen that’s clean, tidy, decluttered and in good condition will appeal to potential buyers.

Repair. Fix those little problems you may have been putting off, like dripping taps or broken cupboard doors.

Replace. Furnishings that are well past their best may be comfy, but they don’t tend to look great. Sofas or chairs can be recovered but any carpets and curtains that are stained or threadbare should be replaced

Some slightly bigger changes you can make to appeal to potential buyers are:

·        Fitting bifold doors that open out onto your garden

·        Creating an open-plan kitchen/dining area

·        Make a real feature of the garden. If you can accommodate both grass and a paved area, this will make even the smallest garden look appealing


Ultimately, when you open up your home for viewings, you want it to look inviting and well cared for. Ensure all rooms are clean, tidy and make sure it smells pleasant throughout.


If you’re planning a move for early 2023, the first step is to obtain an up-to-date valuation of your property. We can offer help and support to get you in the best possible position to move in the new year, but first things first, let’s get your property valuation booked in. 


We know many of you have property questions you’d like answered – and we’re encouraging you to “Ask away…”   


Whether you’re looking to relocate, release capital, downsize, or find your next dream home, we want you to ask us any and all of your property questions. Whatever you’d like to know – perhaps it’s one quick query, perhaps you have a list of questions – get in touch with us. Call, email or message us on our social media channels and we’ll provide advice, reassurance and expert guidance. 


P.S. We can answer questions such as: 


·        Ask us what the maximum price is you could sell for 

·        Ask us how long it takes to sell a property on average

·        Ask us if you should expect to get above the asking price   


All done in 3 easy steps:  


1.     Call our team

o   We’ll meet to discuss marketing and pricing  

o   We’ll take professional photographs and a virtual tour video

2.     Advertise

o   We set your property listing live

o   Marketing and viewings take place  

3.     Final offer accepted  

o   Your property is sold  



Here’s how to get started 


Any property questions you have – simply ask away!  

Let’s discuss your options to get you moving in the right direction for 2023 

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